We at MuscleCar Garage Global are proud to let you know that we sold one of the finest vehicles we have ever seen and absolutely the most beautiful 57' Chevy Bel Air Convertible out there!  Check out the story!

The story of our 57' Chevy

It all started when a very good friend of ours, Eddy, gave us the opportunity to represent his newly restored 57' Chevy Bel Air Convertible.  But you see...  this isn't just any old 57' Chevy!  This is without a doubt, a NUMBER 1 car and by far the nicest 57' Chevy Bel Air Convertible you will ever see!  When our buddy Eddy acquired this car he put his heart, mind and soul into restoring it and making it the most beautiful 57' Chevy Bel Air out there!  After over two long hard years of researching every inch of this car, restoring it and making sure it was perfect, Eddy decided to sell it!  Yeah, we know...  Why?!  You would have to ask Eddy.  At any rate, we were so excited to be given the opportunity to represent this car for Eddy that we took over 150 pictures of it, advertised it all over the place and told everyone we could about this unbelievable 57' Chevy!  It's not every day we see a car like this or get the opportunity to have one for sale in our showroom.  Well, it wasn't long before people from all over the world were calling on it, emailing us about it and coming to see it.  All Eddy's hard work obviously showed!  He made this 57' Chevy Bel Air Convertible the BEST it could be and no one could argue that!  Before deciding to sell it, Eddy entered it into the "Antique Auto Club" judging contest in May of 2007, fresh out of restoration.  And of course...  It won "Best Of Show"!  When Eddy brought this unbelievable car to us, it was a very emotional day for him.  He was letting go of something that he put so much time, energy and love into.  But sometimes you have to let go of the things you love.  We really wanted to do the best we could for Eddy's Chevy and in the end, we think we did. 

We found a buyer for Eddy's Chevy, and although this car could have been sold to a museum, or to a collector in another state or in another country, it wasn't.  MuscleCar Garage Global is pleased to announce and so happy to say that another good friend of ours has just purchased this amazing car and it will be staying locally, right here in New Jersey!!!! 

From the minute we took this car in to our showroom, EVERYONE has been amazed by it!  Pictures don't do this car justice and when you see it in person, you are in awe of its beauty and the attention to detail Eddy put into it.  But when Ralph saw it, it was more than amazement... it was love!  You have to keep in mind though that Ralph's love for this car is not only because of its beauty, but also because of what it represents to him.  You see, Ralph's love affair with the 57' Chevy started over 45 years ago when he first came to America from Italy.  When Ralph arrived in America, he was picked up by his brothers in a 57' Chevy Bel Air!  What a great feeling it must have been to arrive in the greatest country in the world and be picked up in one of the greatest American icons, a 57' Chevy!  So after seeing this car many times in our showroom and remembering the feeling he had over 45 years ago getting into that 57' Chevy when he arrived in America, Ralph decided it was time to feel that wonderful feeling again. 

After working hard for over 45 years in the greatest country in the world, Ralph now has his dream car...  The American Icon and The Most Beautiful 57' Chevy Bel Air out there!  And let us at MuscleCar Garage Global say simply...  if anyone deserves a car like this, it's Ralph!!!!

Well Ralph... Congratulations and drive it in good health! 

We want to thank Eddy for giving us the opportunity to represent this exceptional iconic vehicle and we want to congratulate Ralph for becoming the proud new owner of it!!! Eddy can rest assured that his 57' Chevy has gone to a good home!

If you ever need restoration, upholstery, etc. done to a car, and want it done the BEST IT CAN BE, call Eddy at his Body Shop here in New Jersey:

Collision Restoration


And if you want to eat the ABSOLUTE BEST Italian food in America, go see Ralph at his restaurant, E&V Ristorante located at:

320 Chamberlain Ave, Paterson, NJ

973.942.4664   *   www.EVRESTAURANT.com


Check out Ralph leaving MuscleCar Garage Global in his 57' Chevy!!!

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September 11, 2001

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