WOW!!!  #3 In The Registry!  WHAT?!

You Got It... Here At MCG, We Took In The 2007 #3 Ron Fellows Chevy Corvette Z-06!  #1 Went To Ron Fellows, #2 Went To General Motors, And #3 Came To MuscleCar Garage

But, As Fast As We Got It... It Went!

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Here's The Story...

Robert, A very good friend of MCG's, bought a raffle ticket from the national corvette museum to win the 2007, #3 in the registry, ron fellows corvette z-06!  he bought the lAST ticket... #500!  he won! 

when robert decided that he wanted to sell his 07' ron fellows z-06,  who do you think he called?!  of course... he called his pals at MCG!  we have to say that we were pretty excited!  the car hadn't even been delivered to Robert yet, so that meant...  you guessed it...  it would be delivered to MCG!  and it was, on Tuesday, july 24, 2007!  when the horseless carriage pulled up and we saw what we saw...  wow!  what a car! 

Now...  as much as we would have liked to have spent some time admiring this incredible car...  well, we sold it!  yes, that quick!  we got it on Tuesday and it left us on Friday!  

As sad as we were to see her go...  we were very glad to see this amazing machine go to a very good home!  our good friend john is now the proud owner of this very limited and rare piece of corvette history...  the 2007 #3 in the registry ron fellows corvette z-06!  CONGRATULATIONS JOHN! 

we want to thank both robert and john for allowing us to have this very rare and special piece!

that's all folks...

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