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The number one question we hear every day is, what is my car worth?

Now YOU have the tools needed to get the value of any car, any time of day, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.  With
MuscleCar Garage Globals "Auto Quote
©", You get over 40 years of automotive experience with antique, collectable, and Pre-Owned Automobiles.  Plus, every report includes state of the art  research all right at your finger tips!

We use exacting methods, materials, and research to give you a precise value.  in some cases prices are adjusted for region and time of year!

Within a short time you have a written value plus an explanation of current market conditions and how we arrived at the value entirely based on YOUR representation of the vehicle.

There are 2 levels of service available.

Level 1: Classic, Antique, collectible cars, and Cars of special interest. These values will reflect the RETAIL market and are based on the industry standard
Classic, Antique, and Collectible car rating system. Plus we will provide you with the projected current rate of appreciation!

Level 2: Cars 8 years old and newer. Ever wonder what your car is really worth before you sell it or trade it in? We bring the numbers to your computer. We will provide you with the wholesale and average retail price adjusted for your region and season. We use daily auction pricing and dealers in your area to determine fair value.

This is THE one service You can'
t afford to pass up!  whether you are buying or selling a car, It will make or save you thousands of dollars!

Make Your Choice Now!


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