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Here At MuscleCar Garage Global We Use Only The finest Car Care Products On The Market!  We Have Tried Everything But Only Wizards Products Measure Up!  If You Want Your Car To Look Its Best, Use Wizards! 

Here Are The Wizards Products We Currently Offer!  Check Them Out!

Mist-N-Shine™ Professional Detailer
22 fl. oz. $14.00
w Adds a Show-Winning Gloss and Slickness
w Brightens Paint, Glass and Chrome
w Safe for Show Chrome and Lexan
w Hides Swirls, Will not Scratch* or Streak*, even in Direct Sun
w Anti-Static, Perfect for Spot Cleaning or “Dry Washing” to Remove Dust, Bugs, Oily  Fingerprints and More
w Contains No Wax, Solvents or Silicone
w Enhances Gloss and Protection between Shine Master Polishings
w Shines Cars, Motorcycles, Boats….even Mirrors at Home


Shine Master™ Polish & Sealant
16 fl. oz. $16.00

w Easy On – Easy Off
w Awesome Gloss
w No Streaks or Smears
w No Free Silicone or Wax
w Excellent Cleaning/Tough Poly Acrylic Protection
w Safe for Fresh Paints, Clear Coat and Lexan
w Use as a Wax Replacement, Swirl Mark Remover, or Finishing (show) Glaze by Hand or Machine

Wizards® Wash Super Concentrate
  16 fl. oz. $10.00
w Thick, Rich, Long Lasting Foam
w Gentle, but Thorough Cleaning on all Types of Exterior Vehicle Surfaces
w Streak-Free Rinsing assures Quick Drying and Maximum Shine without Stripping Shine Master Polish & Sealant
w Adds Lubrication when Wet Sanding

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