Steve Ottomanelli

Steve Ottomanelli

Steve is a second generation car enthusiast and car collector. Steve’s Father came from Italy in 1965 and immediately fell in love with American Classic Cars due to their individuality and highly distinguished design. As a young boy, Steve would go to swap meets with his father and would act as a translator from Italian to English for him in order to start their collection together. As the years went by Steve and his father continued to share a strong common bond and passion for these unique vintage automobiles. Soon thereafter Steve found himself working on his Father’s cars and enjoying every moment of it.

After serving in US Army Reserves Steve worked as a mechanic for approximately nine years. He then embarked on a career in Law Enforcement and many years later retired as a Detective for the State of New Jersey. While very committed to his career working in Law Enforcement, Steve never gave up his passion for these amazing automobiles. He attended many shows with his personal Collector Cars and traveled all over the United States meeting many people in the Collector Car industry. Steve is a member of the Classic Car Club of America and is also a North East Regional member.

As Co-Owner of MuscleCar Garage, Steve is extremely enthusiastic, very highly motivated and has dedicated his life-long passion to make MuscleCar Garage the best Classic Car business in the industry. Steve looks forward to meeting you and discussing your classic car past, future or assisting you now in finding that one amazing vehicle you’ve been seeking for years.

Contact Steve:steve@musclegarage.com

Joel A. Rothke

After working in Corporate America for over twenty years as a Systems Analyst & Director of Operations, I thought it was time to leave that sterile office environment. I had always wanted a career that I knew I would be passionate about and engage in something that I love because life is just too short and unpredictable to be miserable behind a desk and monitor all day. With a comprehensive knowledge of the automotive world from previous business experiences and from childhood collecting all scales of diecast cars by the tens of thousands, building models and then once old enough to drive, building and racing Muscle Cars.

I always knew that one day that passion would be something I wanted to pursue & continue when the opportunity in life presented itself. That opportunity came to fruition and reality back in early 2006 and I haven’t looked back since.

We started in Wayne, NJ then after a lot of effort with the town of Montville, NJ we were happily approved into the town of Towaco, NJ. As the business grew so did the need for additional space with each move which is why we moved into the town of Boonton, NJ where we further evolved the business needing even more space. In April 2017 we moved into our current location of Livingston, NJ where I have the opportunity to see the business continue to evolve as well as my passion. I look forward to every day that I can be around these beautiful, historical and performance packed automobiles. You will always find me with a soft Micro-fiber close and at arms-reach to wipe these beauties down daily, thus the nickname Wipes! I hope to meet and see you in this place that I cherish and hold close to my heart

Contact Joel :joel@musclegarage.com

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