Joel and Steve are true professionals. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather work with when it comes to identifying, purchasing, restoring, servicing and maintaining classic cars. We’ve done two highly customized projects (entirely unique – one domestic muscle and one foreign classic) and their partnership, responsiveness and know-how is worth so much. I am 110% satisfied and would be happy to share my experiences, personally, if anyone wants first-hand feedback.

Steve, CT

As a classic car collector who has attended shows like Pebble Beach, Emilia Island and to many more to list I know when I see a classy organization. My experience with MuscleCar Garage has been 100% positive. They take great pride in their work and give you a great sense of satisfaction. My experience has been both on the Sales and Service side. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Sonny, New Jersey

We had been looking for many months on-line and thru auto-ads to buy a Shelby Mustang. We came across an ad for a 2007 Shelby from a company called MuscleCar Garage. We decided to call and make an offer. After serious talks and emails we realized that Joel and Kelly owners of MuscleCar Garage were excellent people. We purchased the 2007 Shelby GT500. This car exceeded our expectations. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We could not be more satisfied with their service and timely response of any questions that we may have had. Joel and Kelly are truly an honor and credit to their company MuscleCar Garage.

Sincerely, Tom & Pat

To whom it may concern I purchased a 1968 Buick Skylark Convertible from Steve at MuscleCar Garage. Steve was very courteous, nice, and a pleasant salesman. The car was exactly as he and Joel described it and gave me a very fair price. It was a smooth transaction and I will buy another car from them in the future.

Rocco, New Jersey

The 1976 Tran Am was absolutely beautiful as described on Ebay. They did a great job showing detailed pictures of the car. The owner’s Joel and Kelly were an extreme pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend MuscleCar Garage for purchasing classic cars.

Sincerely, SLV

When I first contacted MuscleCar Garage it was because of the ad I saw for a 67 GTO they were selling. After seeing the car and meeting Joel and Kelly, I realized I wasn’t just dealing with another run of the mill vintage car dealer. They were both gracious, honest, and presented the GTO in the ad, just as the car checked out to be. So as you can imagine, I purchased the GTO, which also started a great friendship with Joel and Kelly. My wife and I love stopping in to say hi, and see what new eye candy they have currently in the showroom. On one of those trips we ended up buying our second collector, a 65 Corvette Roadster. If you love cars, as I do, you need to just stop in and have a look at what MuscleCar Garage has in stock. You will never find better people to deal with in the business. I promise you, you’ll be happy, and probably make some new friends.

Mike, New Jersey

MuscleCar Garage provides a high touch, first class, quality service that is necessary in this muscle / classic car industry. Joel, Kelly, and Steve’s honesty, integrity, and diligence are unsurpassed. It does not matter what you are seeking, purchasing, restoring, or detailing the vehicle of your dreams you can be rest assured is the product that you will receive. Your experience with MuscleCar will be one you can enjoy worry free for years to come!

DD, New York

I had an excellent experience with MuscleCar Garage. I saw what would be later my ’77 Trans Am on their website, and immediately fell in love… It was the exact car I’d been looking for. Being in Los Angeles, I knew I couldn’t make a trip to see the car first hand, so I spent a lot of time talking to Joel and Kelly over the phone having them describe every inch of the car. They were great, giving me all the time I needed and all the information I requested. When I asked to send an independent auto inspector to come and give the car a complete examination they were happy to oblige. Everything they’d told me about the car the inspector confirmed. When the car arrived in Los Angeles I was blown away… It was everything they described and more. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. I have already had several offers from people to buy it from me, but it is not leaving my garage.

John, Los Angeles

I truly thank Joel for the Corvette. The car is absolutely perfect and in the realms of wheeling and dealing, probably one of the cleanest cars all in all anybody has ever sold me. It drives like a dream, no rattles, smells, squeaks, smoke, everything truly works… it is just mint!!! It really is. I liked it so well that I didn’t want to give it to my brother, lol. I surprised my brother with the Corvette and I wish Joel and Kelly could have been there to see his face. He actually teared up and was speechless. My brother drove the Corvette back home to Kansas without issue. I can not thank MuscleCar enough for helping me to make my brother’s dream come true. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sincerely, Rhett

Sincerely, Rob

When I bought my dream Chevelle 2 years ago the first thing I looked into was a good shop that specializes in muscle cars. What I found wasn’t a good shop but the best shop I ever stepped foot in. After visiting MuscleCar Garage and seeing their top notch facility and speaking with Joel I had no doubt in my mind that I found exactly what I was looking for. Joel and Steve are two of the most knowledgeable and honest guys I ever dealt with. Every time I brought my car in for upgrades or just maintenance I leave 100% satisfied. I will never bring my car anywhere else as long as I own her. Thank You guys.

I was glancing at cars on the internet to pass time and saw this 1970 Nova. I looked at the pictures posted on the MuscleCar Garage website and showed them to my wife. I called Joel and Steve, and had a few questions about the Nova. They were very knowledgeable about the car, and answered all of my questions. I have purchased several cars in my life time, but this is the first one I ever purchased sight unseen. We drove to NJ and didn’t know what to expect. We saw the Nova and just smiled. I was very pleased! It was everything they said it was and more. My wife and I sat and had an enjoyable general conversation with Joel and Steve. They are some of the nicest people you ever want to meet. A couple of days later, I had a few questions, and they answered them in a very timely manner. A couple of days after that, Joel called to check and see how everything was going. I told him, my grandson and I are enjoying it. This was a great experience!

James & Darlaine, Maryland

MuscleCar Garage took the hassle out of selling my car and got me a fair price for it. Their mechanics are efficient, knowledgeable, and fair priced. They found a rattle that I could not find for years. I highly recommend placing your car with MuscleCar Garage. I did, and I am very happy that I did!

Kevin, NJ